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Subject Re: Flame bait: Apache-2.0 on Unix is almost unusable.
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 21:04:58 GMT

> * When trying to gracefully restart the server, something hangs.
>   A subsequent "apachectl stop" says "httpd stopped", yet the monitor process
>   keeps respawning client processes. Even a "kill -TERM" does not help.
>   The only way to recover is a manual "kill -9".

I have not seen this, but will investigate it.

> * The processes do not even react on -HUP, -TERM, -SEGV
>   -- what the f$! is going on?

This is by design.  On some OS's, linux mainly, threads and signals do not
play nicely.  This means that rather than even try to deal with most
signals, we use a pipe to communicate between the parent and the child

Martin, please understand that we are working at finding and fixing many
of these bugs.  Some of these have been reported before, some are new
since yesterday, and some have never been seen before.  Thank you for the
reports.  If you have the time to get more information, please do so.  At
the very least, can we get the configuration you used?

Some of the bugs may be the platform you are on, especially if you are
using threads.  That doesn't mean FreeBSD doesn't support Apache 2.0, but
FreeBSD has some known problems with threads and some functions, so we are
trying our best to work around those problems, and many of these problems
may go away if you use the prefork MPM.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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