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Subject Re: Apache 2.0 beta STATUS
Date Sun, 21 Jan 2001 16:40:30 GMT

> > that we are stable now.  The biggest stumbling block, is that Apache 2.0
> > HEAD is not running on any known production server, and the last time we
> > turned it on live on, we took the machine down.  That
> > experience may take a little while for some people to get over.
> We took down with an alpha release, not the beta.  Don't forget
> that, and we expect our users to remember that as well.  It it critical
> that we eat our own cooking... until we run head, we don't have a beta
> candidate.

I agree, but all I am saying is that it may take a while to remove the bad
taste that was left when we took down the machine.  :-)  

>   - backout apr_get_filename_case


>   - fix the data symbols and pool problems of dav, if I can find them.

Try it again today.  Last night, I discovered that we were calling the
register_hooks function twice for every module that was in an AddModule
call.  I doubt this solved your problem, but I would am curious.  :-)

> If no one has thanked you in the last few weeks for being a total PITA,
> well, thank you.  I'm far more impressed by what I've seen these last

No thanks are necessary, and yes, others have said it.  :-)  I work this
hard at Apache 2.0 because I have spent more than 2 years getting it done,
and I want to see it finished now.  I am also not the only person who
deserves thanks for this.  The entire group has had a large role in this
version of Apache, and I truly believe that I have learned far more from
this work then I have contributed.

> few days than I have been in some time.  I'm more convinced by the hour
> that this is -the- server design we want to throw into the world.  This
> is the point in development that engineers most often say damn, we blew
> it, it won't/doesn't ... I really don't have that feeling about where
> we stand today.

Glad to hear it.  If anybody has the feeling that we got it wrong, please
speak up now, let's fix it now, not in three months.  :-)


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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