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Subject Re: httpd 2.0 on Linux
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2001 23:06:15 GMT

> > - Can I use mm 1.1.3 ?
> The second log message below answers this question loud and clear:
> "NO".  This reminds me of the little I know of the problem Apache/APR
> has with the the current (i.e., later than APR CVS) mm: some fudging
> is required when specifying the number of bytes to allocate or to put
> in a shmem pool or something like that.

This is definately the problem.  Basically, MM has requirements for
memory, so that when we allocate shared memory out of MM, if we specify
exactly what we need, it isn't enough to satisfy our request.  Think of it
this way:

Apache initializes shared memory for 1 Meg.
MM creates a 1 Meg shared memory segment, and uses 50 bytes of it (guess)
Apache tries to allocate 1Meg of shared memory.

There isn't 1 Meg left, so we bomb.  Ralf was going to add the options to
the core MM to take care of this case, but we needed it quickly, so I
hacked our version.  I am not interested in upgrading MM, only to have
Ralf finally add this support.  If he adds it, I will upgrade Apache 2.0's
version then.  If not, somebody else can upgrade our MM, or we will just
leave it where it is now.


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