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Subject Re: index.html not served w/mod_autoindex active
Date Sat, 06 Jan 2001 23:24:37 GMT

> OTOH, the only reason I'm considering doing this _at this stage_ is
> because Ryan objected that not doing so would require a code change in
> handlers. This code change is a one-liner, that checks the handler type
> against a string (not a strcmp, coz it uses wildcards) so I can't say
> that it actually worries me greatly, given the rather large amount of
> other changes that are already required for modules, and also given that
> failure to do the check will be _really obvious_ (the handler will
> handle stuff it shouldn't), and also given that the string you have to
> check against will otherwise have no place to live, which should be a
> large clue for even the dimmest programmer.
> So, I do kinda hope that Ryan will relent and say that its OK to move
> the check into the hook, instead of adding this complex hinting
> mechanism right now.

I wasn't trying to stop ANYTHING.  I expressed a single concern, and the
conversation stopped.  I didn't veto the change, or say not to do it.  I
said I disliked having to call every handler function, but that's all I
said.  I tried suggesting a different solution, which you obviously
dislike, but feel free to implement whatever solution you like best.  I
just wanted to get my only concern in the open, so that we all agreed that
the issue was there.

It bothers me that either in the middle of the 2.0 beta series, or during
the 2.0 series itself, we are all of a sudden going to change how handlers
are registered.  At least, that's the impression I get from the later
messages.  Basically, it sounds to me like we are going to move the check
into the handler, just to move it back out later once we decide to make
the optimization.  I would much rather get the API correct, even if we
don't implement all of it immediately.  That way, we don't break every
single handler when we get around to implementing the optimzation.  All I
am asking, is that we get the API to the point that we can implement the
optimization without changing the API again.  For right now, I really
don't care that the core actually does everything, but I do care that we
get the API correct for the advancement in the future.

Other people suggested that being able to specify the order in the config
file, because it makes debugging modules easier, but that was it.  I
really don't care that much about the hinting mechanism for the config

I care that modules can specify the the "char *" when they register the
handler, even if the core doesn't DO anything with it immediately.  If we
don't have that option, then we will always have to call every handler.

Do not consider this a veto in any way shape or form, this is an opinion,
that we shouldn't have to call every handler.  Please implement whatever
solution you like best.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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