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Subject Re: make distclean
Date Sat, 06 Jan 2001 21:20:30 GMT

Our distclean and cvsclean setup is still a b it wrong.  This is mostly my
fault, because I always defined distclean as a clean CVS checkout.  People
have been finding and fixing those problems, but this really just needs
more energy devoted to it.

See below for more comments.

> here's the result of "find . -newer ../timestamp -type f":
> 	./modules/aaa/
> 	./modules/dav/fs/
> 	./modules/dav/main/
> 	./modules/cache/
> 	./modules/echo/
> 	./modules/experimental/
> 	./modules/filters/
> 	./modules/generators/
> 	./modules/http/
> 	./modules/loggers/
> 	./modules/mappers/
> 	./modules/metadata/
> 	./modules/proxy/

In general, any file is generated by configure, and should be
removed by distclean.  

> 	./srclib/pcre/configure
> 	./srclib/pcre/pcre.h
> 	./srclib/pcre/pcre-config

I don't really have good answers for pcre.

> 	./srclib/apr/include/arch/unix/
> 	./srclib/apr/shmem/unix/mm/configure
> 	./srclib/apr/configure

These are generated by buildconf (autoconf and autoheader), and should be
in cvsclean, but not distclean

> 	./srclib/apr-util/build/config.guess
> 	./srclib/apr-util/build/config.sub
> 	./srclib/apr-util/build/ltconfig
> 	./srclib/apr-util/build/

These should just be removed.  APR-util requires APR to be installed, or
it won't work at all.  If that is true, then these four files should just
be found in the APR directory.

> 	./srclib/apr-util/build/
> 	./srclib/apr-util/include/apu.h
> 	./srclib/apr-util/test/Makefile

Generated by ./configure, should be in cvsclean and distclean.

> 	./srclib/apr-util/include/private/

Generated by buildconf, and should be in cvsclean only.

> 	./srclib/apr-util/aclocal.m4
> 	./srclib/apr-util/configure
> 	./srclib/apr-util/libtool

generated by buildconf.  Should be in cvs clean only.

> 	./srclib/apr-util/

Generated by configure should be in distclean and cvsclean

> 	./support/apxs
> 	./support/apachectl

Generated by configure, should be in distclean and cvsclean.

> 	./newer
> 	./mkinstalldirs
> 	./missing
> 	./config.nice

config.nice is generated by configure, but it is a copy of the exact
command used when running configure.  Cleaning this with distclea is a
mistake IMHO, because this provides a very easy way to duplicate your last
configuration.  For example, you could go in and just tweak this file to
use the prefork MPM, and not have to type everything in again.  The other
three need to be investigated.

> distclean should restore to what a shipped tarball looks like -- and a
> shipped tarball may actually include some of these files.  i'm not sure,
> but srclib/{pcre,apr,apr-util}/configure for example would be in a shipped
> tarball unless we're assuming everyone has autoconf.
> so what was the plan?

Hopefully I answered all of this.  We assume that developers have
autoconf, but tarballs always distribute configure, because people who
want to just compile Apache do not and should not need it.

> do any other projects have a "cvsclean" or other target for developers
> working from the repository?

Some do, some don't.  Feel free to add it to any that don't.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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