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Subject Re: Beta Status. :-)
Date Sat, 06 Jan 2001 00:59:46 GMT

One more update.  :-)

I have now successfully run Apache on my machine without taking the
machine down.  Basically, I have run 100000 requests with a concurrency of
100, both static files and auto-index, and the machine just keeps
going.  My swap space is not shrinking quickly either.

This is a beautiful thing.  Because of this success, I plan to move to Apache 2.0 either late tonight or tomorrow evening.  I am
going to a 5:40 movie with my wife, and if I get home with enough
time/desire, I will move us over tonight.

The only thing that is not moving, is the stuff that relies on
Tomcat.  For right now, that will be a redirect to a 1.3 server on a
high port.  Once Apache 2.0 is actually running, we can look to putting
Tomcat on it.  I am not afraid that Tomcat doesn't work, I am afraid that
changing too much at one time could mask some bugs.

I would ask again that people are patient with as we make the
move.  If the server is down, please copy me in on the e-mail notifying
brian.  I am very committed to making this work.  :-)


On Fri, 5 Jan 2001 wrote:

> Sascha has run Apache 2.0 through Purify, and it looks like the leak we
> were seeing is cleared up now.  I figure that cleaning the transient
> buckets properly has stopped us from leaking about 1k per auto-index
> request.
> I still want to test HEAD on my machines and try to kill my box.  If I
> can't and I see that the memory leak has stopped happening, then I will be
> putting Apache 2.0 on later tonight.
> If I can kill my box, or the leak is obviously still there, then we go
> back to investigating the problem.
> I will send more mail when I have an answer.  I would ask that people
> begin to go through the STATUS file, and clean up those things that need
> to be fixed ASAP.  Once we are running Apache 2.0 on, I will be
> asking for four +1's to go beta.
> Ryan
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