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Subject Re: Typesafe generic hooks - done!
Date Mon, 01 Jan 2001 17:34:44 GMT

> Here we go. Rather than show the implementation, which is the usual
> nasty mess of macros, I'll show you how its used. Here are two modules,
> a hook exporter, and a hook importer. If the hook exporter is not
> present, then the hook importer's hook is not called. If it is, then it
> is. The hook importer's hook _is_ typesafe. And, err, that's it. So,
> without further ado, here's mod_generic_hook_export.h:

This looks good, but I have one question.

> module generic_hook_export_module =
>     {
>     NULL,
>     NULL,
>     NULL,
>     NULL,
>     NULL,
>     NULL,
>     ExportRegisterHooks
>     };

I assume ExportRegisterHooks is really just register_hooks, named for
clarity, correct?

> Tested. Works. Shall I commit it?

If you can commit, go for it.  I can't currently ssh into  If
you don't mind, once you have committed this stuff, I would like to modify
mod_cache to use it.  I want to do it to make sure I understand how this
all works.  Once I'm done, I'm hoping you will make sure I get it
right.  :-)

> BTW, I was wondering if I should start an "examples" module directory,
> instead of them living in "experimental" as they currently do.



Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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