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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: mod_so/7008: Hard-coded dlopen flags (RTLD_GLOBAL) Ref: mod_so.c and unix.c
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2001 04:04:07 GMT
it also means that a dynamic Perl or PHP extension can hook into modules
pulled in by LoadModule.  for example, Apache::Request (Apache/
references symbols that live in, Apache::Backhand
(Apache/ references symbols that live in
dlopen() with the global flag allows the extensions to resolve these
symbols at runtime.

i do think there should be a flags parameter to apr_dso_load() and an
optional flags parameter for LoadModule that is fed to it, something like:

#defaults to global
LoadModule foo_module

#same as default
LoadModule foo_module DL_GLOBAL

#does not use the global flag
LoadModule foo_module DL_LOCAL

if there are compat issues, we could add a new apr_dso_load_flags() and
apr_dso_load() just becomes a wrapper around that.

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