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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject no more "Apache open PR summary" messages
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 17:59:27 GMT
For the last little bit, they have been rejected since they are over 100k.
So I stopped them being mailed out; while we could easily split them
up or get the size limit changed, etc., I don't think that anyone 
really cares about them any more so I may as well just stop them so I

If I am wrong, and someone does care, let me know and we will see what 
we can do...

We do need to get a better bugdb going and transitioned to.  Hmm.  We
will see...

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Date: 13 Jan 2001 11:06:08 -0000
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Date: 13 Jan 2001 11:06:01 -0000
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From: Marc Slemko <>
Subject: Apache open PR summary for Sat Jan 13 03:06:01 PST 2001

 Num Category State    Sypnosis
2762 apache-a feedback subprocess cleanup can fail on restart/shutdown
6889 apache-a feedback SEGV of httpd when using a re-entrant upload script
7055 apache-a feedback CERR 14 Cannot open STDIN
4045 apache-a open     Cannot load dynamic modules written in C++
4456 apache-a open     ErrorLog directive causes SIGPIPE when errors are present.
4698 apache-a open     API function to provide access to status_lines[]
4914 apache-a open     scoreboard connection count (conn_count) too small in some cases
4987 apache-a open     Include AuthGroup name in the invironment variables to CGI scripts
5188 apache-a open     Memory is moving around for no reason.
5318 apache-a open     Variable names in prototypes causing problems
5601 apache-a open     httpd dumps core on startup when mod_perl is built with APXS
5639 apache-a open     Global variables unavailable due to fork()
5771 apache-a open     Comparison of encrypted password improperly fails
5774 apache-a open     The file doesn't compile.
6245 apache-a open     if my self-made module is added into httdp.conf, server will crash.
My module works on 1-3-6.version.
6350 apache-a open     Apache refuses to restart.
6359 apache-a open     Server hangs during error processing after POSTed body has been read
by content handler
6793 apache-a open     Apache unneccesarily respawns child pipe processes
7007 apache-a open     The apache redirect machenism doesn't seem to send back a cookie set
in a header (?)
1004 apache-a suspende request_config field in request_rec is moderately bogus
1158 apache-a suspende improvements to child spawning API
1233 apache-a suspende there is no way to keep per-connection per-module state
2024 apache-a suspende adding auth_why to conn_rec
3143 apache-a suspende No module specific data hook for per-connection data
6436 build    analyzed Build fails with libdso.a error
6214 build    feedback gethostname() problem
6401 build    feedback Problems running the configure script
6975 build    feedback linking step of build fails w/ Unsatisfied symbols: __builtin_va_start
6160 build    open     I follow the document(INSTALL) and try to build the Apach524 xml-xerc
open     Compiler error on every line from line 1 to line 17.

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