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From "Brauel, Bjoern" <>
Subject Apache 1.3.x running modules with -lpthread
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2001 13:29:19 GMT
Hi everyone,

I am part of a development team here at Software AG(anybody know ADABAS ?) .
We're working on an XML related project (Database)
and currently having a bit of a problem with a specific topic  in
conjunction with apache.  I hope someone might give 
a response to this mail as our "Chief Technology Architect" wants me to get
at least some response to this topic from the apache-developers;

We have an Apache module that is supposed to pass requests to a specific
database and the module needs to read port-information from
a small "directory server" in order to handle the request. The problem now
is that the code to read from the dir-server is  heavily using
threads (thus  the module is linked against pthread !) and we want to avoid
breaking the codebase in order to have a "thread-less" module 
(ie we would need to maintain two codes for one purpose).
The problem seems to be that running a module that uses threads seems to
work fine in Windows but crashes a Unix (pretty much all of them, except
Solaris, wich "sometimes" works). 

I already suggested that apache musn't use threaded modules, but the
architects want to get a statement if this is really true and if this will
change for apache 2.0.

 cheers ...

    Bjoern Brauel

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