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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: Both ap_r* patches.
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2001 23:26:06 GMT

> > > Apache 1.3 serves the page at 4.12 requests per second.
> >
> > Not much better.  :-(  It would be really cool to see where the
> > bottlenecks are.
> Wait for a few days, the changes we've kicked around will go in today, and
> once I tie those into the core, we get down to a single stat of index.html,
> and then we can open the file by cloning that stat handle.  Should be the
> smoothest dang thing you ever did see :-)

Sounds good, but how can it help autoindex?  autoindex kicks in when
there is no index.html (or no mod_dir possibly, or the server is broken

My guess is that all the stats for everything in the directory are the
big remaining bottleneck for autoindex.  Actually, it would be nice if
we had another module around that generates a lot of small ap_r* calls
without the stat calls.  This could help us scrub whichever patch is
committed, since the differences in ap_r* path length will become more


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