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From Paul Marquis <>
Subject Re: 1.3.15 byte ranges
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 19:08:23 GMT
I think I found the problem (if you consider this a problem):

In byterange_boundary(), the boundary is always prefix by a CR/LF, but
for the first boundary it's not necessary, as there's no previous
range to separate.  I, unfortunately, don't know how to best patch the

FWIW, all my tests with Acrobat work just fine with this "bug".  Are
there any other common clients that use byte ranges?

Again, apologies for being a pedant (I can thank gcc for that
vocabulary word).

Tony Finch wrote:
> Paul Marquis <> wrote:
> >For multiple byte ranges, it seems Apache inserts an extra CR/LF
> >before the first range separator is printed.  Is this a problem or
> >am I being pedantic?  The Content-Length has this extra CR/LF
> >factored into its total.
> Thanks for the report; I'll investigate.
> >The sample in the HTTP/1.1 spec (RFC 2616) doesn't have it and,
> >FWIW, neither does IIS 4.0 (strangely, IIS sets the Content-Type
> >to multipart/x-byteranges).
> That's the old spelling of the content type, which Apache also
> uses for old user agents.

Paul Marquis

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