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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] bucket problems.
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 15:49:08 GMT wrote:

Ryan, I haven't given this a decent review yet, which I plan to do.  But
I'd like to throw out a few comments from the 20,000 foot level.

>                                                             this is what
> was required to make mod_autoindex work.  That is the other half of this
> patch, I have modified mod_autoindex to use those functions instead of
> ap_r* to actually write the data for the request.

One obvious question: is there a _really_ good reason to change the name
of ap_rputs?  This dumps unnecessary work onto the module authors IMO,
at a time we are trying to stabilize the code base.  If this code is
solid, why not just hijack the ap_rputs entry point?

> Finally, module writers can use both ap_brigade_* functions and
> ap_bucket_create_* functions at the same time, but they must be
> diligent.  

I think you are saying you have a solution for Greg Stein's concern
about mixing the APIs.  Cool!  

But, as stated above, I would like to maintain the ap_rputs API to make
life easier for module writers and to minimize changes to innocent

> Please review ASAP, 


One thing that I will be looking for is what will cost of the *average*
ap_rputs/ap_brigade_puts call be with the new close will it
come to 1.3?  It needs to be not much more than one or two function
calls, a few tests, and a copy into the buffer.


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