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From Greg Ames <>
Subject index.html not served w/mod_autoindex active
Date Sat, 06 Jan 2001 00:14:27 GMT
Lately in 2.0, if you turn on autoindexes, and the request URL refers to
a directory containing index.html, Apache serves an autoindex directory
listing instead of the index.html contents.  The debugger shows that
mod_dir's handler never gets a shot at it - mod_autoindex's handler runs
first and happily does its thing.  These handlers must have been invoked
in the opposite order when it was working.

It's easy to fix with a hack if the modules are statically linked: go
into modules.c, (ignore the warning about not hand editing it,) go down
to the ap_prelinked_modules structure and move the &dir_module line down
to after the &autoindex_module line, then make, restart the server, and
voila! - index.html's are back.

Unfortunately, not only is it very complicated to re-order this list at
configure time, it is also pointless because it doesn't deal with the
situation when one or both of these modules is a DSO.  If we had
something like the hook sorting mechanism for handlers, it would be
easily solved.



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