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From Gregory Nicholls <>
Subject APR Bug or misunderstanding ?
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2001 22:14:35 GMT
    I've been having a look at the new APR library on NT. To cut a long story short
I ended up with a program that did: apr_initialize() followed immediately by
apr_terminate(). The program blew up in the terminate call.
    After some checking I found that the poblem appeared the following:
        apr_term_alloc() destroyes the alloc_mutex and then issues
    Now inside apr_destroy_pool() it attempted to acquire the alloc_mutex lock.
This had already been destroyed, hence the system (rightly) complained.
    I inverted the order of the operations in apr_term_alloc() so that the pool is
destroyed before the mutexes are destroyed.

    Question 1: Have I done something Bad(tm) by doing this ??
    Question 2: Is anyone else seeing this or is it just me ??

            Gregory Nicholls.

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