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Subject Re: [horape: Re: general/7099: ipv6 support]
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2001 04:19:47 GMT

> > > 2) if APR supports IPv6 but Apache doesn't get an IPv6 socket...

> > > what are your listen statements?

> > I've tried: (using "Port 8000" so it doesn't bother my ipv4-only apache)

> > - none (it binds
> > - Listen 3ffe:2900:b00d:0:200:21ff:fe47:2d95 (it binds
> > - Listen (it binds
> > - Listen [3ffe:2900:b00d:0:200:21ff:fe47:2d95]:8000 (it binds
> >

> I have 

>   Listen [fe80::whatever]:8080

> as my only listen statement and it works for me.

Why do you listen on a link-local address? It shouldn't work.

BTW, if i set:

Listen [fe80::200:21ff:fe47:2d95]:8000

i get:

Syntax error on line 7 of /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf:
Port must be numeric

Oops, i think i know what's happening... Looking at the list archive
i see that ipv6 support is very recent. And i'm working with 2.0a9.
Should i try with cvs version?

> I have no idea where that bind to port 2900 could be coming from.
> Does 2900 appear anywhere in your config file?

Listen 3ffe:2900:b00d:0:200:21ff:fe47:2d95

It seems to be parsing it as Listen and maybe (wild guess!)
means IN_ADDR_ANY or something like that...

> If it still is a mystery, perhaps you could put a breakpoint in
> apr_bind() and when it binds to port 2900 a backtrace would help
> figure out how we were getting there.
> Use -DONE_PROCESS to use only a single server process:
> gdb ./httpd

It doesn't work:

tinuviel:/home/horape/apache_2.0a9# gdb ./httpd
GNU gdb 5.0
(gdb) b apr_bind
Breakpoint 1 at 0x808b98a: file sockets.c, line 167.
Starting program: /usr/home/horape/apache_2.0a9/./httpd -DONE_PROCESS
[New Thread 1024 (LWP 28849)]

Program exited normally.

Horacio J. Peña

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