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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Renaming the project announcement list.
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2001 15:22:51 GMT

Brian points out that it's timely to change the nature of  Historically it is populated by people
who are interested in the httpd project.  He/we have been
getting complains when this mailing list is used for announcments
that are not "on topic" by their definition.  Of course we
want a foundation wide announcment list, and a project specific
mailing list.

So we are going to change things around.

What we need to infect the next announcement that goes
out with some information about this change over.  Possibly
this will be Ryan's beta announcment; but who knows.

Next time we make an announcment please include the following
blurb or something similar of your own making:

We are also doing some house keeping of the Apache Software
Foundation's mailing lists.

 1. HTTPD projct announce list is changing name. ->
       - All existing subscribers have been moved to this new list.
       - This mailing list is used for announcements about the
         HTTPD project of the ASF, i.e. the web server project.
       - Subscribe by sending mail to:
       - unsubscribe by sending mail to:

 2. New mailing list for foundation announcements.
        - Used for announcments about the apache software foundation's
          and it's projects.
        - Subscribe by sending mail to the following address:
        - unsubscribe by sending mail to the following address:

That said, and if nobody squawks in the next few hours, Brian 
can go ahead and rearrange the mailing lists.  If somebody want's
to add a overview of the foundation's mailing lists page to the
foundation site... go for it. :-).

 - ben

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