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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: DEC Alpha Windows NT port of Apache 1.3.14
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2001 07:22:27 GMT
First, if you have MSVC, I'd suggesting building the Apache.dsw project
instead (you may want to check the files out of the anonomous cvs repository,
instructions at since that version is more closely
coupled to win32.

If you want to pursue gcc... look at the project, which has a
patch to build apache using the cygwin compatibility thunk.

Good luck,


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From: "dmw" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2000 10:48 PM
Subject: DEC Alpha Windows NT port of Apache 1.3.14

> Hello,
> I may have ported Apache 1.3.14 to (DEC) Alpha Windows NT.  I just got it
> running today, anyway.  It seems to work fine (Netscape from my other machines
> explores the manual OK), except that images aren't being forwarded to the
> browser (it keeps trying and never times out).  I used the native Alpha NT gcc281
> compiler and unix utilities that I got from: ,
> and let the configure script not grok me and assume a default unix.  Very minimal
> hacking was needed.
> I'm wondering if someone could point me in a direction to solve the image problem?
> Sincerely,
> Martin

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