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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: CVS file in .cvsignore
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2001 07:21:51 GMT
From: "Brian Havard" <>
To: "Apache Developers Mailing List" <>

> After doing a cvsclean I'm always getting
> U server/gen_test_char.mak
> U server/gen_uri_delims.mak
> U srclib/expat-lite/libexpat.def
> U srclib/expat-lite/xmlparse.def
> U srclib/expat-lite/xmltok.def
> U srclib/pcre/dftables.mak
> U srclib/pcre/pcre.mak
> U srclib/pcre/pcreposix.mak
> U support/ab.mak
> U support/htdigest.mak
> U support/htpasswd.mak
> U support/logresolve.mak
> U support/rotatelogs.mak
> as these files are both in CVS and .cvsignore'd. Normally I'd just remove
> them from the appropriate .cvsignore but in this case I'm not so sure as
> they were commited with the comment "Note... these should always and only
> be regenerated immediately prior to the tag and roll" so are likely to get
> stale & generate lots of diff output if not ignored. What should we do?

I gather they aught to come out of .cvsignore ... I did quite a bit of
cleanup, but that's an issue I wouldn't likely notice.  Be happy to fix,
flagged your note for followup sometime wed.

I don't like keeping .mak files in win32, but the long term solution (if
I author it) is several months out.  We agreed to ignore the .mak files
for the alpha cycle.  But the alpha cycle is soon to be over, so they
belonged (actually were generated right before the original roll was

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