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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: announce: apr_fileinfo_t change
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 07:30:37 GMT
From: "dean gaudet" <>
To: <>

> -1 on making this an incomplete type without more information from you.
> i'd like to know more how this public type is a problem on other
> platforms.

Fair enough... code may be easier to follow, and I won't have time to
attack that aspect this week.  Decided these 'optimizations' are all
beta 2 issues.  I'm fixing some problems, so apr will grow a fn or three,
and Win32 will slow down more.  This is -appropriate- at this phase
(optimization after correctness of behavior.)

> windows has a stat() implementation in its libc for example, could you
> tell me how stat() is slow and what the alternative is?

stat() on win32 isn't slow.  It's wrong.

Nuf said (that's what bit us several times with security holes.)

> p.s. it would have to be not so recent past 'cause i haven't made changes
> in something like a year :)

When I get so far, I'll start -from scratch-.  Sorry - I may have 
mis-attributed the committer of that change.

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