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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject apr_fileinfo_t is ___BOGUS___
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2001 20:21:37 GMT
Ok guys...

  apr_fileinfo_t must be restored to an incomplete type.

On win32, we have the following scenario;

  inode, dev, and ctype require a CreateFile call.
  type (pipe, etc) requires CreateFile/GetFileType calls.
  query owner/access kills performance by two orders of magnitude.
  truename requires a FindFile call.

Now, there is no SINGLE ATOMIC CALL that does all this work for
us.  It -should- be our problem (the win32 hackers) to get this
right, but we can only do that with accessor functions.

The changes need to also augment the lstat flavor, so that the
one can be queried from the other (a significant performance
boost on win32.)

So if you disagree, scream.  If you don't like the call/return
issues, consider that 'transparent' types ought to someday grow
inline performance optimizations.  That's a seperate topic for
another day.

BTW - we also need an optimized form of apr_file_open that accepts
an apr_fileinfo_t ... that handle we grabbed to stat the file can
be Duplicated into a read or read/write handle for file access!  The
file handle in the win32 flavor will be cached with a registered
cleanup against the pool, so until we are destroyed, we can keep
grabbing the file for different flavors of access.


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