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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] bucket problems.
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 23:27:54 GMT
From: "Peter J. Cranstone" <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 4:16 PM

> Guys,
> Feel free to flame me or plain ignore me but I have a suggestion. Why not
> leave filtering out of the equation until the beta is stable. Filtering is
> going to cause issues with 1.x modules and will take time to explain to your
> existing base.

Hmmm... as you are our Target Audience [Module Author] we have obviously
failed miserably here.  The point of the Alphas were to draw in the Module
Authors into the equation.  Almost every module author has asked at some
point, "why can't I just...?"  That's what Apache 2.0 is meant to be.

Apache 1.x was composed of handlers.  Nothing more (until authors tried to
hack on ssl, something that wasn't simply another message body.)

Apache 2.0 is composed of filters.  Yes, there are handler 'end-points',
but it's pointless to worry about a beta of 2.0 that does what 1.x accomplished
quite nicely.

What I'm saying is not to insult you, but if our module Authors haven't
'gotten it', then we haven't done our job.  And I'm not insulting Ryan either,
who preaches the gospel to every reporter who will listen (even when they
cross up their facts.)

> What I think you need IMHO is to get 2.0 stable with just one or two
> features. You have enough on the table to do that. Then introduce filtering
> at a later stage. Adding the whole thing now along with all the other
> features is going to result in 1.x users avoiding the upgrade.

Nak.  There are only two goals in 2.0 - introduce native threading, and
build the server in a filtered model.  Those are it.

> Backwards compatibility to older modules is KEY until you have the new
> filtering system stable and OUT performing anything else. Then users will go
> through the pain of adapting their modules for the newer more stable, faster
> Apache 2.0

Agreed we need to find ways to -help- module authors make the leap.  But I
personally hacked the 2.0 mod_isapi.  Compare the sources.  It wasn't that
much of a leap for an 'end-point' handler.  The work and pain is in writing
a truly usable filter.

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