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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: Apache 2.0 beta STATUS
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2001 05:56:55 GMT
> From: Greg Stein []
> Sent: Sunday, January 21, 2001 11:26 PM
> On Sun, Jan 21, 2001 at 09:58:20PM -0600, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> > As I say, I'm for the module author controlling the unknowns with as little
> > possible chance for interference from 'invisible forces'.
> The invisible forces in this case is the requirements imposed by forcing a
> module author and even the core Apache code to have to synchronize between
> two totally different output mechanisms. Each coder must be aware of all the
> other bits of code which could potentially produce output.  Even worse, they
> need to know *how* that other code did it. Not just "did they?" but "how?".
> That kind of invisible coupling across the code base is a recipe for bugs.
> Insert a sync call here, insert one there. Oops, we forgot to sync the two
> mechanism over there, too. Oy! :-)

How is this possible unless we invoke a subrequest?  Subrequests are very
simple to protect within Apache, even if the author 'forgets'.  But this is
no different than using different xwrite() calls against a yopen()ed file.
Mix your metaphores and you can sink a program.

I'll think on this another night.  And [sorry I already clipped the text],
on the comment of 'fixing apache' v.s. 'fixing apr', I'm very strongly
against leaving useful mechanisms in apache when an equivilant mechanism
exists to migrate them cleanly into apr.  If it were a case of "here's the
Apache patch, and we'll finish moving it to apr in three weeks", I'd say
great!  Let's roll the beta and move it afterwards!  But we aren't - again,
I'm seeing two methods that would both solve our problem, with different
requirements on the authors.

Please, Greg and Ryan, document -simply- where your patch stands up and
the other falls down, so I can grok this quickly without wadeing chin
deep in the filtering mechanics!


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