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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: DSOs and the once_through logic in some 2.0 modules
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 14:46:17 GMT
"Paul J. Reder" <> writes:

> Jeff Trawick wrote:
> > mod_rewrite      (logic added in the initial port to 2.0 for
> >                  unspecified reasons)
> > Obviously we can avoid some expensive stuff (like processes created in
> > mod_rewrite only to be killed off immediately) if we only do it on the
> > last call; OTOH, doing everything twice helps test our pool cleanup
> > logic.
> You are correct in your guess that mod_rewrite used the logic to avoid
> starting multiple external rewriting programs. You are also right that
> the first incarnation should get cleaned up for DSOs. I experienced problems
> trying to start two instances of the external program when it was statically
> linked. Hence the code to only start it on the second pass.

There may be/have been a problem cleaning up the processes when the
first pool went away... dunno

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