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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: building experimental modules with httpd-2.0 tree
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2000 12:20:33 GMT
Greg Stein <> writes:

> How about if:
> 1) we create modules/third-party/

nice name

> 2) provide a tool to copy over the files and insert a line(s) into config.m4
> If this tool is apxs, then fine, but I think a separate tool would make a
> bit more sense. So you'd have apxs for external/dynload builds, and ??? for
> within-Apache/static builds.
> This also clears up the configure processing: using that to do the *copy* is
> strange. It is also non-indempotent. e.g. if you run config.nice again, then
> it makes another copy. I've lost changes because of that :-(

so just edit the right file :)

> So, the process for a installing a third-party module into a static build:
> [httpd-2.0]$ support/apcopymod /home/gstein/3pmod-0.1
> (some text, saying "copying to modules/third-party)
> [httpd-2.0]$ ./configure
> ...
> [httpd-2.0]$ make
> A switch appears in the configure process to disable the module (apcopymod
> puts a default=yes module into config.m4).
> apcopymod could also look at the provided argument: a directory would copy
> over <multiple files and stuff>, and a .c file would be just a simple module
> copy. Other stuff in a directory would be:
> *) multiple files
> *) custom configuration stuff (.m4 files)
> *) header files
> This feels about right to me. Thoughts?

It sounds good to me.

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