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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Filter interface (was Re: Urgent 2.0 issues)
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 06:36:53 GMT
On Sun, 17 Dec 2000 wrote:
> There is no way to distinguish a filter-name from an extension.  We could
> search for the filter, and if it isn't known by the server, then we treat
> it as an extension, but that means we can't output errors for incorrent
> filters.

Yah, I didn't think of the error reporting issue.

> I prefer this:
> SetFilterStack  filter_stack_name  filter-name [filter-name]
> AddFilter  filter_stack_name  extension
> SetFilter  filter_stack_name

OK.  More complicated than I would like, but I guess it will do.
How about if AddFilter and SetFilter can either take a single filter name
(for the most common cases) or a filter_stack_name?

> I do not believe that setting filters based on MIME-type is worthwhile to
> do personally, so I believe that those two options will take care of
> everything we really care about.

I guess the only reason for this would be to let CGI scripts determine
their filter stacks dynamically.  I have no opinion in either direction.

> Thoughts?  If we decide to do this, then it will be implemented before the
> beta.

One more question:  How do things interact when multiple
AddFilter/SetFilter directives occur.  Is this possible:

<Directory />
SetFilter CACHE

<Directory /www>
SetFilter SSI

Will that result in a filter chain of "SSI CACHE" in the /www directory?
Should it?


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