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Subject Re:
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2000 19:27:10 GMT

> appears to be out of date...
> having read the anon CVS docs i'm guessing that this is the correct thing
> to do now:
> cvs checkout httpd-2.0
> cd httpd-2.0/srclib
> cvs checkout apr

almost.  Change that last line to

cvs checkout apr apr-util

> is there a module that does both of these?  (if not, why not?)

No, because the last time we used modules to do stuff like this, we had
all sorts of headaches, and as you have discovered, not all Apache
developers have access to apr.

> why doesn't apr have a version associated with it?

Because we currently use HEAD.  As soon as we hit beta this will change,
but for now, the two are changing as a pair.

> oh hmm i don't have access to apr.

Please use the anoncvs method to get apr and apr-util.  If you want access
to APR, we can give it to you, but it may take a few hours.

BTW, I updated the anoncvs instructions, but forgot devnotes.  I'll try to
update those later today.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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