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Subject Re: to move to 2.0
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2000 04:18:10 GMT

This is going to wait until tomorrow night.  Brian has asked me to hold
off for one day, which is more than fair.  :-)  My original plan had been
to set things up so that we were just redirecting to a 2.0 server on a
higher port.  Brian pointed out that this has the undesired behavior of
making any bookmarks invalid.  So, instead I will be setting up a simple
proxy pass to pass the requests to a server on a higher port.

Does anybody see a problem with this?


On Wed, 27 Dec 2000 wrote:

> I will be moving to 2.0 at about 8:00 tonight.  My goal
> is to move single domains over to 2.0 until we find the problem that was
> taking the server down.  This may take a while, but I can't reproduce the
> problem on my own machines, so I need to use
> I would ask that everybody is patient while we try to debug this
> problem.  If anybody has any ideas as far as what is happening, it would
> be very much appreciated.  I will be using ulimit to ensure that the
> server does not take the whole machine down.  I am beginnning to believe
> that we have a very large memory leak, and that is causing our
> problems.  If anybody has some suggestions for sane ulimit values, I would
> be very much in your debt.
> Ryan
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