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Subject Re: [Win32] 1.3.15; my mod_foo.dll question on the table
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 06:37:26 GMT

> > I pointed out one more problem on the newsgroup I didn't mention
> > here.  Calling it .so means you need to associate .so's with the
> > dll type in the registry, getting the QuickViewer and properties
> > Dll tab in sync.  I have no problem changing the installer to do
> > this, but if you are a cvs grab and build user (not using the
> > installer) we've created a tad more work for you if you actually
> > care about the module file data.
> And this is exactly why using .DLL is important. There are a LOT of things
> that see that .DLL extension and know what it means. Same with *people*.
> And your comment about dropping the .txt is directly on the spot with why
> .DLL is important. If you double-click "mystuff" then you get a little
> dialog asking what to open the file with. If you double click on
> "mystuff.txt", then Notepad pops up automatically.
> Extensions are very important on Windows, for better or worse.
> I will repeat once more, and suggest that asking people on the windows
> newsgroup is moot: -1 on using something other than .DLL.

I would suggest that you are missing something important here.  Windows
hides .dll files by default now.  This means that somebody who isn't
paying VERY close attention could go into their Apache directory, see an
empty libexec directory, and delete it.  If they are really not paying any
attention, they will just hit delete and just go right past the "are you
sure" box.  I know I don't pay attention to that box anymore.  :-)

The fact that .dll files are hidden by default on Windows makes me lean
towards .so files.  However, this is not my platform, and I have no right
to insist on anything on that platform, so this is just my opinion.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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