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Subject Beta reminder
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2000 03:10:49 GMT

This message is meant to serve as a reminder to everybody and as a STATUS
message.  I will be updating STATUS immediately after sending this

The current plan is to release the first Apache beta on Friday December
22.  That also means that APR is basically hitting beta status, at least 
it has in the past.  The APR developers will need to decide if we want
to divorce APR releases from Apache.  This will be decided separately
from new-httpd.  In order to do that, we need to actually roll the release
on Wednesday, and we all need to test it.  We have been releasing alpha's
on the day they roll, IMHO that is not a valid way to roll a
beta.  Currently, I am planning to roll the beta release on Wednesday, and
make it available for testing.  That will coincide with a Friday release
date, hopefully.

This requires a few things first.  Each of these will go into the STATUS

1)  The installed layout needs to be fixed.  This means that the header
files need to be installed in the correct location.  Expect a message in a
few minutes with my opinion for how this should look.

2)  The instructions for rolling a release need to be updated for
2.0.  Expect this to happen in the next few days.  I will take care of
doing this.

3) may need to be updated.  I haven't looked into this, but I
would be surprised if it works.

4)  Source code layout needs to be decided for apr and apr-util.  There
has been some discussion about adding a src/ directory to apr or removing
it from apr-util/.  Either way, this needs to be decided.

5) needs to start running Apache 2.0 if at all possible.

Would other people please look through the release show-stoppers, and
either remove them if they are solved, or decide if they are really
show-stoppers.  If they aren't, then lets get rid of them.  If they are,
then lets fix them.

I am not convinced that all of those showstoppers need to be solved before
we release the beta.  Some of them are issues for configuration, we are
trying to figure out the best way to configure Apache 2.0, but nobody has
ever really tried setting this stuff up.  Until somebody does that,
stating that we need a certain configuration option is a bit pre-mature

Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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