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Subject Two modules issues. :-(
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2000 16:09:42 GMT

We have two issues with our current modules, and while I have some ideas
for how to fix these, I would like to here somebody else's opinion before
I express my own.

1)  Modules that implement hooks.  This currently doesn't really work,
because any module that actually wants to use that hook is only valid if
the module is installed in the server.  For example, if mod_cache creates
a hook for other modules to use, and mod_disk_cache uses that hook to
implement a disk based cache (oh wait, that all works today :-), then
mod_disk_cache will not load unless mod_cache is already in the
server.  This isn't an issue with the cache example, because
mod_disk_cache doesn't do anything if mod_cache isn't there, but what
about mod_ssl and mod_proxy?  mod_proxy is a useful module in its own
right, as is mod_ssl, but there is going to need to be some interaction
between them.

2)  Along the same vein, but slightly different.  Modules that export a
function or set of functions that isn't a hook.  For example, mod_include
now exports ap_register_include_handler.  I would like to move the CGI
process out of mod_include and into mod_cgi, so that we aren't duplicating
thje CGI processing logic.  Unfortunately, that means that mod_cgi won't
work in a server that doesn't include mod_include.  That is bogus.  The
hook into mod_include is absolutely minimal, it is a single function, and
if mod_include isn't there then mod_cgi should just not register the tag.

I expect that as our modules become more modular, we will need them to be
able to talk to each other more and more.  That may mean giving up some
type-safeness at times, I don't really know.

So, those are the problems that I have encountered this morning.  I would
like to hear from other people, and then I will post my own ideas for how
to solve this problem.

Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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