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Subject Re: [PATCH] inet_ntoa thread safeness cleanup
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2000 01:43:51 GMT

> > inet_ntoa is generally not threadsafe.  This patch cleans up a few files
> > which use it.  It is worth noting that the proxy module uses inet_ntoa all
> > over the place, but since this is in a big rehashment right now, I didn't
> > touch it.  I imagine a lot of this will become obsolete as we get more
> > IPV6 friendly, but this fixes it for now.
> It is my desire that an APR app would ordinarily have no business
> messing with apr_inet_ntop() and apr_inet_pton().  That is why the
> prototypes are in private header files instead of apr_network_io.h.
> Just the act of choosing the first parameter to either of these
> functions is a detail best left to APR whenever possible.
> Whether or not Apache core and modules will be free of this type of
> logic remains to be seen :)  For now, I hope that when the code you
> patched is cleaned up soon for IPv6 we will be able to rely on APR to
> build a presentable form of the IP address with no need to be
> concerned with the appropriate address family.

I have to agree with Jeff here, especially since this whole area of code
is changing with the addition of IPv6.  Let's keep the patch around in
case we need it, but wait to apply it until we see how IPv6 affects this
whole area.  I'll add it to the STATUS file so we don't forget about it.

Jeff, how is the IPv6 work coming?  Any idea when we'll see a finished
product?  No rush, I'm just wondering.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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