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From "Austin Gonyou" <>
Subject RE: run a program on a remote computer
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 19:05:29 GMT
Make a perl cgi module which is basically DSH and processes what you want to
do in one of two ways. 1, process information via query string, or 2, simply
process only commands via query string and keep a list of the systems to
contact on the web server.

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From: Xavier Jeannin []
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2000 2:41 AM
Subject: run a program on a remote computer


	I am working in genetic institute, and I am looking for a method to run
some programs (like blast etc...) from apache http server on a remote linux
computer. It 's due to the fact that I don't administrate the web server.
The web server is to slow to run my program, I can only ask to modifiate
web page. I have thought about RSH with perl but it seems little primitive.
I can run a web server but It had not to be visible from outside of the
campus. Is there other any solution ?

Thank you for your response
Cordialement, Best regards

Xavier Jeannin

Service Informatique du CGM
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tel : 01 69 82 32 28 from foreign : (33) 1 69 82 32 28
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