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From "Theo E. Schlossnagle" <>
Subject Re: Order of handlers
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2000 15:42:21 GMT

I know my vote doesn't count :-)  But, without something like this, it will be
very difficult to make something like mod_backhand to work.  Right now,
mod_backhand completely misbehves if isn't module order isn't right.  So, by
all means , give me more power as a module writer!

BTW, I plan on beginning to port mod_backhand to 2.0 now that a beta is close.

Ben Laurie wrote:
> Anyway, I propose that, like hooks, handlers should be able to specify
> their relative order, when they feel like it. And I think I'm
> volunteering to make the change :-)
> This _could_ also be used to get rid of the rather kludgy direct then
> wildcard matches (though we could default to use that ordering, still).
> What say you?

Theo Schlossnagle
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