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From Reini Urban <>
Subject cygwin32 platform patch for Apache 1.3
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2000 03:27:33 GMT
>Subject: Re: other/2936: Adding new cygwin32 platform support to core Apache 
>Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 03:56:10 +0200
>If you have any further questions towards the patch please contact me.

Hmm. Just found your apache 1.3 patch which doesn't show up in the 
1.3.14 src tree.

I made my own patch today, which is much shorter and works also.
I needed it to support my cygwin perl with mod_perl.
But yours seems to be much better; I tested mine with only some basic 
Your trick is better than my makefile tweaking.

Why was your patch not applied?
Reini Urban
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