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From Florian Wunderlich <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] fix mod_auth_dbm on Red Hat 7 (fwd)
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 12:03:25 GMT
Joe Orton wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, 19 Dec 2000, Florian Wunderlich wrote:
> > Sorry, I don't get it. I searched the net which db library is used by
> > Red Hat, and I could only find sleepycat's db implementation.
> Yes, Red Hat package all three versions of Sleepycat DB: db1, db2 and db3.
> They are packaged so that all three can be installed at the same time: the
> headers go in a subdirectory of /usr/include named dbN where N is 1..3.
> Similarly the libraries are installed as /usr/lib/

Ah! Ok. I didn't knew that sleepycat still distributes db1, as they
don't link it from their html pages, AFAIK.

> > So if you want to use sleepycat's instead of gdbm, modifying
> > find-dbm-lib would not make sense, as you search for dbm_open, which is
> > not in this library:
> >
> > main:~$ nm -s /opt/libdb/lib/ | grep dbm_open
> > 00036dac T __db_ndbm_open
> >
> > dbm_open is #defined to __db_ndbm_open in the headers.
> [snip discussion of using DB3]
> You are talking about Sleepycat DB3 here, I presume? Sure, maybe DB3 could
> be added as another option, but the DB3 development package isn't
> installed by default in RHL7, whereas the DB1 devel package is, so using
> the db1/ndbm.h is still a requirement for Apache IMO.
> (Your changes would have to be modified to use 'db3/db.h', and link
> against -ldb3, to work on RHL systems.)

Yes, exactly. But I don't understand why Red Hat ships with both db1,
db2 and db3. db3 emulates both db1 and db2 - just the database formats
on disk are different, but so are versions 1.85 and 1.86, for example.
But, in this case, your solution is obviously correct. Hopefully the
other distributions will adopt the same directory layout.

> Thanks for clearing this up, though: I had thought that the DB1 interface
> was shipped as part of glibc, hence my first comment, but I understand
> much better what is going on :)

Me too :)

> Regards,
> joe
> --
> Joe Orton, Red Hat Europe

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