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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/build config-stubs
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2000 08:23:11 GMT
On Sat, Dec 30, 2000 at 08:52:53PM -0800, wrote:
> Currently, we are only relying on flags that are specified by single unix,
> and it definately works.

It works on platforms with a "sort" that happens to match single unix (what
happens on OS/2 or VMS or TPF or...). It is much safer to avoid relying on
that, if possible. It already appears that OpenBSD defines sort a bit
differently than my linux box. (OpenBSD says config.m4 < config5.m4 while
Linux says config5.m4 < config.m4)

> I have a feeling that this model will require
> zero padding, which I thoroughly dislike.

No zero padding unless we decide to allow more than config1 ... config9
levels of granularity. If we want to define 01..99 (which I would
recommend), then the first ten levels would be config01..config09.
"config.m4" always sorts as you defined: before any config file with a

> What problem do you have with the current setup?

Tweakiness with different platforms' sort program.

My main thing was simplifying the sed expressions, which I've done and
checked in. The numeric thing is secondary, but still helpful to avoid if we


Greg Stein,

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