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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/build config-stubs
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2000 01:44:28 GMT
On Sat, Dec 30, 2000 at 04:42:41PM -0800, wrote:
> That doesn't work.  I have just done the following on my machine:
> 	 find . -name "config*.m4" | \
>          sed 's#\(.*\)\/\(config.*\.m4\)#\2\1#' | \
>          sort
> Which finds all of the config*.m4 files, and changes the line to
> config*.m4/path/to/file, and the sorts the files, and I got the following:
> config5.m4./modules/generators
> config.m4./modules/aaa

Oh bother. sort uses alpha/whitespace transitions rather than pure string
comparisons (config5.m4 sorts after config.m4 on a string basis). You *are*
right that we want config.m4 to be before config5.m4.

Okay. Here is the command line that I was thinking of:

  find . -name "config*.m4" | \
    sed 's#\(.*/\(config[0-9]*\).m4\)$#\200 \1#' | \
    sort | \
    sed 's#.* ##'

The first sed produces lines like:

config00 ./server/mpm/spmt_os2/config.m4
config0500 ./modules/aaa/config05.m4

In other words, we make config.m4 act as config00.m4 (for config's with
numbers, the extra 00 doesn't bother them).

Note that we'd want to decide on 1 or 2 digits. Will we ever need two?

In any case... the above cmd line doesn't require extra flags from sort
(thus, the most portable) and the sed lines are simpler. My CVS is screwed
right now ( points to the wrong place), but I can patch it in
when the weekend reorg is fixed.


Greg Stein,

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