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From Greg Stein <>
Subject .dll extension (was: Re: [Win32] 1.3.15; my mod_foo.dll question on the table)
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 07:10:21 GMT
On Tue, Dec 19, 2000 at 10:37:26PM -0800, wrote:
> > > I pointed out one more problem on the newsgroup I didn't mention
> > > here.  Calling it .so means you need to associate .so's with the
> > > dll type in the registry, getting the QuickViewer and properties
> > > Dll tab in sync.  I have no problem changing the installer to do
> > > this, but if you are a cvs grab and build user (not using the
> > > installer) we've created a tad more work for you if you actually
> > > care about the module file data.
> > 
> > And this is exactly why using .DLL is important. There are a LOT of things
> > that see that .DLL extension and know what it means. Same with *people*.
> > 
> > And your comment about dropping the .txt is directly on the spot with why
> > .DLL is important. If you double-click "mystuff" then you get a little
> > dialog asking what to open the file with. If you double click on
> > "mystuff.txt", then Notepad pops up automatically.
> > 
> > Extensions are very important on Windows, for better or worse.
> > 
> > I will repeat once more, and suggest that asking people on the windows
> > newsgroup is moot: -1 on using something other than .DLL.
> I would suggest that you are missing something important here.  Windows
> hides .dll files by default now.  This means that somebody who isn't
> paying VERY close attention could go into their Apache directory, see an
> empty libexec directory, and delete it.  If they are really not paying any
> attention, they will just hit delete and just go right past the "are you
> sure" box.  I know I don't pay attention to that box anymore.  :-)
> The fact that .dll files are hidden by default on Windows makes me lean
> towards .so files.  However, this is not my platform, and I have no right
> to insist on anything on that platform, so this is just my opinion.

hehe... I hate that "hide .DLL stuff" and turn it off first thing whenever I
install Windows. I hadn't thought about this since I don't deal with it :-)

But yes: good point.


All righty... I retract the darn veto on losing the .DLL extension. If we're
going to select a new one, then it should be unique so that we can create an
association for it.

.mod is a sound file, I think, so that doesn't work.
.so is not mnemonic at all

.apm or .amd seem okay. I'd really like .apmod if we don't have to stick
with the darn 8.3 convention. (which I presume we don't, given mod_auth_*).


Greg Stein,

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