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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject cmd-line switch or cfg directive for setting default addr family?
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2000 13:35:42 GMT
Much of the remaining IPv6 patch at
(now quite small!) deals with ap_default_family and the setting of it
via a command-line switch.  This is the way the KAME patch implements
it, but I prefer a directive in the configuration file, like this:

DefaultFamily directive

Syntax: DefaultFamily inet|inet6|autodetect
Context: server config
Status: MPM
Module: dexter, mpmt_pthread, perchild, prefork, mpm_winnt

The DefaultFamily directive specifies the address family for ambiguous
directives where no information is available to determine the address
family.  Affected directives include Listen, NameVirtualHost, and 
<VirtualHost >.  The address family used determines whether or not
requests sent over IPv6 will be received by Apache.

As an example, consider the directive "Listen 80."  If DefaultFamily
is inet, Apache will create an AF_INET socket and bind it to port 80.
If DefaultFamily is inet6, Apache will create an AF_INET6 socket and
bind it to port 80.  If autodetect is used, Apache will create an 
AF_INET6 socket if the system supports IPv6, and fall back to AF_INET
if the system doesn't support IPv6.

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