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From Tony Finch <>
Subject Re: PR 6973 / 1.3.15 showstopper
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2000 21:37:52 GMT
Jim Jagielski <> wrote:
>I think it's that final return statement... Should be:
>    (*start >= 0 || *end <= clength - 1)

I think it should just be 1, and your test above is equivalent to
that. That is all the change that is needed for a fix to the immediate
problem; the other chunk in the patch I added to the PR is bogus.

I've been talking with wrowe about this and we agree that there are
some infelicities with the code as it is right now: it doesn't handle
whitespace properly and it doesn't check the syntax of numbers properly.
Bill's going to work up a more thorough patch.

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