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From Greg Stein <>
Subject test directories (was: Re: ARGH!)
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 01:43:14 GMT
On Wed, Dec 13, 2000 at 04:29:31PM -0600, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> > From: Greg Stein []
> > Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2000 4:01 PM
> > 
> > I had no idea that we didn't even ship them, though! That doesn't feel quite
> > right to me. No opinion on Apache, but on APRUTIL, I'd like to see that
> > testdbm gets shipped because it is actually a nice little tool for creating
> > and inspecting *DBM files.
> nak ... we have always had a policy of pulling all test/ directories from
> any tarball or binaries build.

Like I said: new news to me :-)

I'll tinker with Apache and APRUTIL to fix this. Somebody had added test to
Apache, then I nuked it thinking "woah, we don't build anything in there, so
don't recurse." Then I realized that we wanted to *clean* the test
directories, so I put test back into Apache and added it to APRUTIL :-)

Time to go do it the Right Way. I'll leave a turd in STATUS about this.

> However, I don't see an issue with creating a util/ directory that has thing
> like you describe - small bits of useful code that help the user with the 
> package.  Or just call it support/ in keeping with httpd's structure. 

I'd call it util/ since it isn't supporting anything :-), but would be okay
with support/ if people leaned in that direction more.


Greg Stein,

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