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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject DSOs and the once_through logic in some 2.0 modules
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 21:39:53 GMT
In short: It's broke.

Several modules in 2.0 have a flag called once_through which they use
to perform certain processing only on the second call to their post
config hook.  They expect that after incrementing it on the first call
that it will be greater than zero on the second call.  This isn't true
with DSOs because the second call is for a new instance of the DSO so
the once_through flag is zero again.  (Yes, this would have failed in
1.3 also; I just verified that.)

The modules:

mod_rewrite      (logic added in the initial port to 2.0 for
                 unspecified reasons)
mod_cgid         (new module)
mod_file_cache   (new module)

Does anybody consider it crucial to do stuff only on the last call?
If so, we can invent a way that always works.

Obviously we can avoid some expensive stuff (like processes created in
mod_rewrite only to be killed off immediately) if we only do it on the
last call; OTOH, doing everything twice helps test our pool cleanup

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