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Subject Re: BETA binaries...
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 01:32:39 GMT
> If we want a build+binaries directory, Roy's model needs a few changes,
> or some radical overhaul of our defaults.  It's a problem burying conf
> in docs, unless we want to have two conf directories (potentially
> confusing, perhaps conf-templates for the docs copy is more appropriate?
> Or move it to httpd-2.0/conf/templates and leave the httpd-2.0/conf 
> empty unless it's a binary install?)  I'm -1 on changing our default
> conf path to @@serverroot@@/docs/conf for the config files.

No, it is a source tree -- any installations should be done in separate
directories, even if they are under the same root.  That is why I changed
the lib directory name to srclib, so that a lib directory can be created
under the source root by the "make install" (or win32 equivalent) if
that is the prefix given by the user.  Mixing source and installs is evil.

This doesn't actually answer the question of what to name the dirs,
but I hope it describes the rationale behind the new names.


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