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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Fw: cvs commit: httpd-2.0
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 16:19:50 GMT
I am teetering on a veto on requiring perl to do Win32 builds.

As some of you know from past rants, I abhor complexity. And I see the windows
port sliding into unnecesary complexity.  I think the idea behind this patch
is to allow munging of the conf file at install time. Yes, this is a 'nice'
function but is it worth adding so much complexity to the server to accomplish

I have seen projects implode on complexity driven by "requirements" of dubious
worth.  Excess complexity raises the entry barrier to potential new developers
(if the code is too difficult to understand, they simply will not bother with
it. Mozilla is a good example.), introduces bugs,  makes adding new function
cleanly more difficult.

Now my question is: Do we REALLY need this function?


>   Modified:    .
>   Log:
>     One, it's very hard to type perl without $'s (stolen by the .mak parser)
>     Two, it's official ... we don't have anything useful on Win32 to help us
>     with rewriting (no sed, no nothing, by default) so we will require perl.
>     Sorry to anyone that causes trouble for, but it's fairly unavoidable
>     unless we want sed instead.


>   + perl <<
>   +
>   +    my $$serverroot = '$(INSTDIR)';
>   +    $$serverroot =~ s|\\|\/|;
>   +    open(IN, '< docs\conf\httpd-win.conf')
>   +        || die 'Source httpd-win.conf not found in docs\conf';
>   +    open(OUT, '> $(INSTDIR)\conf\httpd-default.conf')
>   +        || die 'Create file $(INSTDIR)\docs\conf\httpd-default.conf
>   +    while (<IN>) {
>   +        while (s|\@\@ServerRoot\@\@|$$serverroot|) {}
>   + print OUT $_;

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