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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: BETA binaries...
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2000 15:58:48 GMT
> From: David Reid []
> Sent: Saturday, December 09, 2000 8:37 AM
> Are we planning on releasing binaries of the beta?

Silly question ... of course :-)

> I ask as if we are then
> we should make sure the building/installing is working with our new
> structure and decide how we install (do we change the directory
> structure??).

This question really concerns me ... although Ryan was good enough
to share a snapshot build (static, of course, so it doesn't -exactly-
correlate to the win32 model.)  I'm seeing just a few issues...

I'd ignore the root path differences between unix and win32 
(e.g. /usr/local/bin/apache vs. d:\program files\apache group\apache)
but for the fact that building a 3rd party program is very, very
difficult in Win32, and it comes down to "Apache Group".  Most makes
don't like spaces in path/file names (go figure), and the typical,
parallel build trees for win32 imply that 3rd party modules, stored
somewhere like Program Files\Sprocket Co\CoolModule\, should be built
against ..\..\Apache Group\Apache which is simply a problem.

How does everyone feel about using "D:\Program Files\ASF\Apache" tree?
Better than "Apache Group"?  We eliminate the space in the relative path,
and more inclusive of the other ASF applications, which can be installed 
in another directory of Program Files\ASF.  The other simple option is
simply "Program Files\Apache\Apache", but I don't know what the other ASF
projects would prefer.

If we want a build+binaries directory, Roy's model needs a few changes,
or some radical overhaul of our defaults.  It's a problem burying conf
in docs, unless we want to have two conf directories (potentially
confusing, perhaps conf-templates for the docs copy is more appropriate?
Or move it to httpd-2.0/conf/templates and leave the httpd-2.0/conf 
empty unless it's a binary install?)  I'm -1 on changing our default
conf path to @@serverroot@@/docs/conf for the config files.

Similar question for cgi-bin, where is that?  In docs parallel to the
cgi-examples?  Problem - cgi-examples is about to grow a .bat file as
a win32 example, and we don't want that in cgi-bin under unix (nor do
we want the test-cgi shell script in the win32 cgi-bin.  Actually, the
batch file will be test-cgi.bat.)

We need to decide if we will do an Alias /manual into docs, to allow it
in eperate magic with the http://server/ index to drop manual into the
docroot tree.  If so, we need to modify the default conf.

We can't play the symlink games on win32, so we need to give these 
issues some thought, without too many duplicate trees.  I'd like to see
win32 roll with the unix-proper include, lib, libexec and modules trees
so it is easier for builders.

More thoughts anyone?

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