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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE:
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2000 21:34:13 GMT
This goes to the current discussion of v.s., so it's time for my 2c.

First, I'd like to see a redirect from to where 
ever we agree to put it for a while yet.  It can be on it's own
IP to prevent folks from actually 'using' it for anything but
http, and then it's a permanent redirect for 6mos or so.

The meat of the issue.  I think it's outrageous to expect every mirror
to carry every topic of interest in the ASF.  I also suppose if they
will carry us, we won't necessarily have a dedicated dns entry with 
them (nor should we expect to.)

The site should be designed, imho, to be stacked as

as well as

but that's asking a lot, I know.

The point is, if someone will concent to host the -full- ASF on their
mirror site, mirroring all of is welcomed.  If they
choose to be an asf/httpd mirror, that's great too.  Then it becomes
explicit projects, or explicit branches of  Either way,
we may end up as:

We better expect it.  So we aught to be able to do it ourselves.

OTOH, I see nothing wrong with ASF projects having their own subdom.
I think its good for our project to be found at;

Yes, it stresses the project over the foundation, but the foundation 
is a big umbrella that will keep opening.  But another consideration
is that as we grow projects too big for a single server, it's gonna
get ugly if they are all branched from the same domain.  The subdom is a whole lot more flexible.

What would we do, on that day, with  Mirror our
own projects, of course :-) could be one big httpd engine,
proxying most traffic off of so that we can use that
httpd. machine for cvs, logons, and whatever else have you.

So I suggest we stress as the working machine for
all of our work, as well as web access.  But offer back for the 
mirrors the hierarchy for easy of proxying.

What about the 'development' website?
of course :-)  General development info to all projects would be
at httpd:// ... cross-project guidelines etc.

There, ya expect 2c, now ya owe me a buck :-)


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