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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE:
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2000 21:13:48 GMT
> From: dean gaudet []
> Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2000 1:36 PM
> On Sun, 31 Dec 2000 wrote:
> > > is there a module that does both of these?  (if not, why not?)
> >
> > No, because the last time we used modules to do stuff like this, we had
> > all sorts of headaches
> huh, such as?

I think what we are looking at is the difference between checking out a
branch, v.s. what we do in apache-1.3 (and did in apache-2.0) - checking
out a branch over a branch containing deleted entries.  The apache-1.3
wipe-out is bogus ... but I don't think the same problem would occur with
the new httpd-2.0 repository.

> > and as you have discovered, not all Apache
> > developers have access to apr.
> yuck.  why not?  it would seem to make sense that if folks had access to
> apr when it was part of apache-2.0 they should continue to have access to
> apr.  (i understand that there's folks from other projects who now have
> access to apr who never had access to apache-2.0.)

And they do, for the asking (yes, I know you are up to mail msg -2400 and
climbing :-)  It's the APR project's policy to grant nearly immediate
privilages to any Apache contributor who asks.  It's also the policy to
include proven contributors to other projects, a la subversion, although 
the speed at which they are granted access varies on how rigerous that 
other project is in qualifing their own committers.

However, if the user isn't participating in, they have
no business touching the code base.

> > > why doesn't apr have a version associated with it?
> >
> > Because we currently use HEAD.  As soon as we hit beta this will change,
> > but for now, the two are changing as a pair.

Actually, 2.0a8 and prior are all in the old apache-2.0 archive... you 
can't get any old revisions from the current tree structure anyways.

> > > oh hmm i don't have access to apr.
> >
> > Please use the anoncvs method to get apr and apr-util.  If you want access
> > to APR, we can give it to you, but it may take a few hours.
> yeah please, i'd like continued access to code i've 
> contributed to in the past :)

You would be most welcome :-)  But I have a question ... is it possible to
grant the httpd group read access by default to the real repositories so we 
can avoid a bunch of nonsense?  That is, if they are not members of the apr 
group?  This would make it possible to have auto-checkout apr/apr-util.

> i suppose that means i also want access to the documentation repositories.
> are there any other splits i haven't discovered yet?

You have that access, that group was set up as a subset.  
No others as of 2100 hours GMT today.

We should probably point out here that at some point after beta 1, apr and
apr-util will start having their own release point.  After that, the 'living'
version of apr/apr-util may vary from the stable tag released to all projects
(e.g. Apache, subversion, etc.)  So what is today probably won't stay that
way for too long, certainly not after the release of Apache 2.0's final beta.

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