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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/support ab.dsp htdigest.dsp htpasswd.dsp logresolve.dsp rotatelogs.dsp
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 15:56:38 GMT
> From: William A. Rowe, Jr. []
> Sent: Friday, December 08, 2000 12:56 PM
> Win32 builders,
> Does anyone see a reason to -not- eliminate the /GX exception code, before
> I off it from the rest of the tree?
> Note I'm applying the debug/release stuff to every tree, so we will no longer
> have dozens of little mod_blekD and mod_blekR directories, and the /Fd
> flag allows us to do so cleanly.  I was about to leave intermediates in the 
> src folder, until I considered you could not keep both builds in parallel.
> The only working directories will be Debug/ and Release/ for binaries, and
> LibD/ and LibR/ for static packages (all four needed in some cases, like apr).

I'm going ahead full speed with this about noon today.  Also stripping cruft
like explicit libraries listed in the .dsp files, when they are already being 
added to the project by their dependencies... no incremental linking of release
builds, etc.

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