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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] apr_sockaddr_t & friends
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 12:54:28 GMT
"David Reid" <> writes:

> Folks,
> I've been having a look at getting the apr_sockaddr_t structures added and
> used throughout APR and the apache code, and in doing so have had to add
> some APR functions and changed a LOT of the networking code...  the
> resulting patch is bigger than I'd intended and touches more files than I'd
> hoped.  The patch follows this text and can be found at

This is a heck of a lot to swallow :)  Your work is greatly


. I hope we can simplify the set of functions which manipulate some
  form of the address before we commit it.

  o apr_get_name() doesn't seem to be needed (as you suggest in a
    comment); zap it

  o apr_socket_inet_pton() is used only inside an APR routine; zap it
    and call inet_pton() directly; we need to ship inet_pton() and
    inet_ntop() for internal APR use so that we're thread-safe and we
    simplify our code a bit

  o Look at this set of routines:

    apr_get_inaddr() - looks up a hostname?
    apr_get_socket_inaddr() - return local or remote apr_in_addr_t?
    apr_get_v4_address() - return IPv4 address from apr_in_addr_t?
    apr_inet_ntop() - return numeric address string from apr_in_addr_t?
    apr_gethostbyname() - do lookup on local or remote address
    apr_socket_inet_pton() - parse hostname?
    apr_get_hostname() - do gethostbyaddr() on one of the sockaddrs
      for a socket

    I'd rather see the apr_sockaddr_t as the one standard object apps
    use when dealing with the addresses.  Basing operations on this
    will make UDP support more natural, because with UDP socket
    addresses and hostnames have to be independent of the socket since
    multiple peers are used with a given socket.  We won't want to
    limit ourselves to operations that use the single remote sockaddr
    in the apr_socket_t.

    very rough sketch:

    apr_get_address() can give us one of the apr_sockaddr_t objects on
    a socket

      apr_get_address(&local, APR_LOCAL, p);
      apr_get_address(&remote, APR_REMOTE, p);

    apr_get_nas() can give us the numeric address string for an

      apr_get_nas(&nas, local);

      This will call inet_ntop() on the IP address within the local
      apr_sockaddr_t, store the string in the apr_sockaddr_t in case
      we're called again, and return the address of the string.

    apr_getnameinfo() can do a reverse DNS lookup on the IP address in
    an apr_sockaddr_t

      apr_getnameinfo(&dnsname, remote)

    apr_getaddrinfo() can do a DNS lookup on the hostname in an
    apr_sockaddr_t, filling in the ipaddr field in the apr_sockaddr_t

Recommended first steps IMHO:

. ship inet_ntop() and inet_pton() for internal APR use; stop using
  inet_ntoa() and inet_aton() (at least inside APR)

. look at some of these starts at standardizing/simplifying the API

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